Orr Shtuhl

I'm Director of UX at Blenderbox, a wholesome interactive agency with a focus on nonprofit, education, and government. I also teach, write, and host a variety show about food and drink.

UX & Product


I led the original product strategy for New York City's professional learning platform for our 86,000 public school teachers.

Logan Airport (ongoing)

I am UX lead for the web redesign of Boston Logan International Airport, which serves millions of users from nearly every country in the world.

Wireframe Kit

I authored the Blenderbox wireframe kit, designed to clarify annotations for developers and satisfy clients who just like printing stuff out.

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Writing & Speaking

A List Apart

I started digging through old emails and ended up writing a piece about expertise and condescension.

Fast Company

A nice profile about me.


I presented a case study of NYC College Line at SXSWedu 2013. Sadly, records of it are lost to the ages, but we had a good time.

Side Projects

Published a book with Penguin called An Illustrated Guide to Cocktails
Founded a beer tours company called The Bestest
Host of the food-themed variety show Out For Drinks (IRL in Greenpoint)
Teach beverage and cheese pairing classes at Murray's Cheese and Bedford Cheese Shop
Wrote the Washington City Paper's first beer column for 4 years, and freelanced for publications including Serious Eats, Gastronomica, and NPR.
Created Saint Bernard, a cocktail speakeasy in Washington D.C.